Appraisal of the Rivers State Persons with Disability Welfare (Enhancement) Law, 2012


This paper appraised the Rivers State Persons with Disability Welfare (Enhancement) Law, 2012. This theoretical paper conceptualised disability and persons with disabilities and identified the models of disability as they relate to the Rivers State law on disability. It distinguished the Rivers State Persons with Disabilities Welfare (Enhancement) Law 2012 from the Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities (Prohibition) Act 2018. It pointed out the major difference in the model of disability which guided the framing of both laws. The paper took a cursory look at the Lagos State Special People’s Law 2011 and drew some lessons from it. The paper recommended that the Rivers State disability law be repealed and another law enacted in its stead. The new law should be hinged on the right-based model of disability. It should seek to protect the rights of persons with disabilities by establishing an Office for Disability Affairs which amongst other responsibilities should investigate, prosecute and sanction complaints of rights violations by persons with disabilities.