Laws and Principles Relating to Public Procurement in Nigeria: A Review

This work examined the public procurement reforms1 and the challenges of implementing public procurement legal regime in Nigeria. The paper conceptualized public procurement and analyzed the provisions of the Public Procurement Act, 2007, which was promulgated to harmonize the various policies and practices regulating the procurement of goods and services in Nigeria. The study observed that the procurement system in Nigeria is not conducted in a transparent, timely and equitable manner and therefore not in compliance with the provisions of the Act. Using the doctrinal method, the paper examined the legislations, journal articles and internet sources relating to the laws and principles of public procurement in Nigeria, and observed that despite the promulgation of the Public Procurement Law, the procurement process in Nigeria is still marred by lack of transparency, unaccountability and corruption by public officials. In conclusion, it was recommended that public procurement laws should be domesticated by all states and local governments in Nigeria in order to ensure strict compliance, fairness and transparency in the award of contracts and procurement of goods and services. It was also recommended that the Public Procurement Act should be amended to make provisions for the establishment of an independent body for the award of contracts in Nigeria.