Litigating Climate Change in Nigeria: Navigating Legal Avenues and Overcoming Challenges for Environmental Justice in A Developing Nation


In the face of escalating climate crises, the imperative to address environmental challenges through legal mechanisms has gained unprecedented significance. While certain nations, particularly those in the developing world, have courageously embraced climate change litigation as a proactive measure against the climate change crisis, Nigeria seems to be in the early stages of exploring this pivotal opportunity to address the challenges posed by climate change through legal means. This paper explores the intricate landscape of climate change litigation within the Nigerian environmental law context, illuminating both the promising legal avenues available and the formidable challenges that could impede the realisation of climate justice in a developing nation such as Nigeria. As this terrain is navigated, the examination of litigation as a tool for mitigating and adapting to climate change becomes not only a legal imperative but a crucial pathway toward sustainable development.