The Problem of Child Labour in Nigeria: A Call for Adequate Legal Protection


Child labour have negatively impacted greatly on children and is gradually distorting the hope and future of the society by many of the future leaders who take part in laborious activities. Over the years, however, global consciousness about the seriousness of the problem has been created. International, National and Regional legislations aimed at eradicating child labour exist but there are drawbacks. This paper analysis several laws on the protection of child’s rights against child labour. The different forms of child labour, causes, nature and consequences of child labour were also analysed. After carrying out the research, it was discovered that despite the huge adverse impact of child labour in our society today, the laws in place to help cushion the effect and eradicate this cankerworm have many drawbacks, which includes non-uniformity of the laws. Different Child labour instruments have their own definition of a Child, it therefore become difficult to ascertain who a child really is, and what constitutes child labours. The laws seems to be paper tigers, bereft of enforceability. It is therefore recommended that the Child Right Act should be domesticated in all States in Nigeria.